Top-level UX Values to cover Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Zone

Innovative solutions

We start each project with a Discovery & Ideation phase immersing into your business & landcape.

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Measurable outcomes

We have the best UX design solutions with measurable outcomes from the get-go.

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Improved user experience

We believe in offering improved user engagement to make us a preferred UX agency.

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Quality results

You will receive top-notch quality results always without breaking the bank.

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Services Offered

The US offering we have under UX design

Redesign services
  • We have hired a team of reputed experts ready to help you with re-designing the current UX concept.
  • Our UX designers follow all the concepts associated with design psychology.
  • Some of those are Hick’s Law, Human-computer interaction design, Interaction design, Gestalt principles of visual perception and more.
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US Product & UX Research
  • We will go through all the product design phases by focusing on user research, discovery interviews, concept testing and more.
  • Our team works on the systematic study of the target users and their requirements.
  • It helps in adding realistic contexts and insights to design processes.
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Start-up Design Retainers
  • We have Start-up Design Retainers, who will come into an agreement where the client purchases for a specified duration of time.
  • They have the ability to retain and utilize an agreed-upon number of available hours of design every month.
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Dedicated Design Team
  • From us, you will expect to get a dedicated team of UX designers, each one with years of experience and skilled knowledge.
  • We work 500 hours every month and can help you with the UX roadmap and management, among all other services.
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US Onshore Management
  • Get to us per month of annual contract to handle onshore management services.
  • Right from US products to UX research, we got your back for the same.
  • Our rates are pretty reasonable, and we will handle the stakeholder management all the way through.
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Design & Managed Development
  • Right from designing the best UX theme to finalizing the managed development, our team is always there to the rescue.
  • Join us if you want to venture into the world of PRD and Architecture and some more features down the line.
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Our Work In Silicon Valley In The US

It is true that enterprises generate a lot of data. Our UX design firm provides designing solutions for enterprises with functionality around a broader data set. We are ready to focus on building visualization around patterns and trends as procured from the said data.

We are compatible with the current legacy system and aim to support cross-functional teams throughout our process.

Primary focus

Our Enterprise Design solution is always known to support cross-functional teams.


We are further ready to support multi-solutions to enable the people to get extra work done within less time.


Our services are highly compatible with the current UX designs. So, making changes won’t be that tough.

Omnichannel experience

From us, you get to experience the Omni-channel experience, which is the finest call to address from our side.


Immersing in your business with a structured approach, taking step back on ``Why``


Research & understanding your audience can be key to product success & a design driven culture.


Bringing Creative Design & applying it to Strategic Landscape & your User’s needs or pain points.

SaaS Design

We understand the B2B Software landscape, the essentials of Design to growing SaaS Products.