Globalized UX designs to cover UK and Europe - London

Dedicated project team

We are noted to work in the dedicated project teams, where we will blend DesignOps, UX designs, UI, user research and engineering.

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Research user needs

With us, you get to discover all the pain points and understand what the users are looking for in terms of brand exposure.

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Idea prototype

We are here to validate the ideas with an interactive prototype of your current vision right now.

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Designing new product

With us, you get the chance to launch an MVP with our best ever user experience all the way through.

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Services Offered

UK Service Offerings

Redesign - UX Concept
  • Without wasting time, join our remote ideation workshop and get the best UX redesign concept covered.
  • We are ready to understand and follow the main UX and UI design flow to present broader review support all the way through.
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UK Product & UX Research
  • Researching the current UK market and its client base is really important before focusing on the UX design trends to follow.
  • Well, thanks to our consultation period, you will know more about the UI and UI and prototype creations right now.
  • We have F2F YX research sessions to dispatch more knowledge.
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Start-up Design Retainers
  • Now, with the help of a retainer, you get the chance to create a sustainable business.
  • Join us for the agreement of our purchases for a specified time frame.
  • We are ready to help you with Sprint Planning alongside graphic and visual design all the way through.
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Dedicated Design Team
  • For a small monthly fee, you can procure services from our dedicated UX design team for a minimum of 6 months.
  • They are ready to dedicate 500 hours per month to complete your project on time.
  • We even cover remote interviews and ideations.
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Onshore Management
  • Want someone for your stakeholder management? If so, then be sure to head to our onshore management program now.
  • Right from UK product and UX research to the support and change request analyzing services, you can count on us all the time.
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Design & Managed Development
  • Designing the latest UX trends for your business is not the end of the story, as you need to manage the same.
  • You have to change the UX trends from time to time to match with the latest changes taking place.
  • Well, that’s when our design and managed development help came to the rescue.
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Our collaborative work in London – UK

With us by your side, you get the chance to improve your digital product right now. Make sure to join us at Surgyy Design, and become a category leader using our DesignOps and the UX and UI designs all the way through.

Our services are reasonable and known for their top-notch quality. We maintain 100% transparency with our clients.

Intelligence system

We have been working with some of the best and world-class teams, ready to design an intelligence system with us.

Keeps banking safe

Our UX design empowers fraud officers to respond to all kinds of cybersecurity threats.

Prevents errors

We have been working on top-notch UX designs to prevent errors and cope with complex scenes that affect various transactions per second.

Pushing boundaries

We have worked with companies to push boundaries to their full potential. We create the highest level UX designs, following the latest trends.


Immersing in your business with a structured approach, taking step back on ``Why``


Research & understanding your audience can be key to product success & a design driven culture.


Bringing Creative Design & applying it to Strategic Landscape & your User’s needs or pain points.

SaaS Design

We understand the B2B Software landscape, the essentials of Design to growing SaaS Products.