Australia: Covering Sydney and Melbourne

Experienced team

We have an experienced team, which combines in-depth strategy to offer business-centric creative solutions, noted to be innovative and tailored to match the specified business goals of the clients.

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User needs

We work hard to excel in the latest trends used in the UX field just for the sake of meeting user needs. We always start from scratch.

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From the start till the end

Right from the initial onboarding to the final end product, we are likely to do our best to offer a comprehensive digital experience.

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Values we cover

Our digital experiences are perfect for connecting devices, highlighting the main points in present interfaces and creating omnichannel experiences.

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Services Offered

Australian Service Offerings

Redesign- UX Concept
  • We have a significant rate associated with the per redesign concept.
  • Whether you want to change the process and UX flow or just looking for broader review support, our team is more than happy to help!
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AUS Product & UX research
  • We will research the Australian market thoroughly to understand the crowd and the kind of services they are looking for.
  • Based on that, we will use our UX services to cover the research and shape up a solid design later on.
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Start-up Design Retainers
  • Right from HTML or CSS support to perfect visual and graphic designs, we have a separate team working with start-up design retainers.
  • We are ready to dedicate around 90 hours every month to the annual charges.
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Dedicated Design Team
  • We have a separate team of dedicated designers who are well aware of the latest trends and tools associated with UX and UI graphics.
  • We have years of experience in HTML and CSS platforms as well to help elevate the designs to another level.
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AUS Onshore Management
  • You need a proper team with years of experience in onshore management. Well, venture into our world at Surgyy Design, and no need to look any further for help.
  • With a quality and release checklist and support and change request analyst, we got your back!
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Design & Managed Development
  • If you need some help with PRD and Architecture, we welcome you to come and join us for Design & Managed Development.
  • We have a separate team working on Sprint Management as well, with proper reviewed and structured code.
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Collaborating With Sydney And Melbourne

Join us at Surgyy Design, where we always stick by the best practices, technologies and tools of UX design. The primary goal is to build solutions which are pretty intuitive to use and also proven to lead to positive ROI.

We have the leading UX consultancy services just to help improve the growth of your brand name.

Considering users

Being a leading UX consultancy firm, we ensure that end-users always remain at the heart of our design considerations.

Various services

Right from research to interaction design, usability audits to even rapid prototype testing; we have various services covered under UX design.

Collaborative design

It is true that our UX design approach is highly rooted in collaborative designs.

100% customer transparency

We are known to have a participatory mindset along with 100% customer transparency to help build stronger professional connections later on.


Immersing in your business with a structured approach, taking step back on ``Why``


Research & understanding your audience can be key to product success & a design driven culture.


Bringing Creative Design & applying it to Strategic Landscape & your User’s needs or pain points.

SaaS Design

We understand the B2B Software landscape, the essentials of Design to growing SaaS Products.