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SaaS Design

UX For Scalinig

Why UX is Essential to SaaS Success
Scaling a SaaS Product can get challenging.

When Sales & Adoption is driven Manually

UX & Design Impact on
Content & Inbound Intent 50%
UX & Design Impact on
SaaS Landing Page Conversion 70%
UX & Design Impact on
Trial to Paid User Conversion 85%
key considerations

Getting SaaS Design Right

Industry Context

Different Industries can have a varied set of Business requirements & Processes; Often with their own technicalities.

B2B User Personas

Users come with different industries, having their own goals, skills & different work environment & culture.

Businesses Can Differ

Requirements and context could differ from One Customer to other. A SaaS Product needs to provide

saas value pack

The overall coherence for Winning SaaS Design in 1 Pack


Ideation Workshops

Immersing in the SaaS Business Landscape with Structured Ideation Workshops & brainstorming.


Redesign or UX Concept

Redesigning the Core User Journey with essential data points and Goal driven User Expeirence.


HTML/CSS Creation

Dashbard HTML CSS with responsiveness across a range of Web & Tablet portlet sizes. Charts & Graphs considered.


UX Research & SME Interviews

UX Research across Users or Customers, Subject Matter Experts and Stakeholders.


UI Prototype & Test

Testing of the SaaS Prototype with Users, reviewing with essential stakeholders - eliciting feedback.


SaaS User Guide ( Stepwise "How to" guide)

Stepwise How to User Guide with screenshots. Based on Use Cases and User journey.

Awesome Works

Our Creative Works.

pCloudy Redesign

100K+ B2B Users

A Leading Mobile App & Browser Testing Cloud.

Design Objectives

vidBoard.ai - AI based Video Presentations

Web, SaaS & Branding

Leveraging the Power of AI Generated Video Avatars to making video presentations seamless & easy.

Design Objectives

our strength in saas

We come with cross functional approach essential for SaaS

We never underestimate any parts of each project as they’re all essential to meeting the ultimate goal. you’ll be engaged in with our positive and enthusiastic attitude.

Product Innovation at Surgyy
Business Immersion

Immersing in the business landscape with a structured cross industry approach to B2B Software.

Varied User Persona

Charting down the varied user personas across target sections and the levels in the organization.

Data & User Goals

Understanding User Goals and the Performance KPIs. Day to day operational needs & pains.

The SaaS Ecosystem

Leveraging the understanding of overall SaaS Ecosystem to improve Usability & Partnership potential for User Journey.

Onboarding Expertise

Creating onboarding experiences for better conversions and ease of understanding of the solution.

Feedback Driven

Feedback driven UX, and the UX process going further. Utilizing tools like HotJar or other heatmaps.

Redesign UX Concept - Popular
Per Redesign Concept
SaaS Value Pack - Popular
Per Dashboard [or Module]
Research based SaaS Overhaul
Per Dashboard [or Module]



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