Quantitative Research helps to identity Problem Areas.

Usage Data Analysis

Basic usage & data analysis of what's working and what could be improved. Can be a overall Business Problem.

Screen Heatmaps

Screen Heatmaps generated by HotJar or similar products. Can help visualize the user's interactions.

Conversion Metrics

Keep the KPIs in mind, and more specific Business Goals to achieve. Giving an objective to UX.


Qualitative Research helps to identity Solutions to Problems.

Users & Customers

Direct interaction with Users, with a fresh perspective & keen empathy to solving problems.

Subject Matter Experts

Interviewing Subject Matter experts, can help gain understanding of the challenges, latest trends and more.

Stakeholders & Teams

Interviewing stakeholders across leadership, or Customer Success, Sales or Tech - creating a map of challenges.


Breakdown of UX

  • 01

    Though plays a major role. It mainly identifies high level problems or hypothesis.

  • 02

    For UX Research, Qualitative understanding with direct interactions is the most essential to finding solutions.

  • 03
    User Testing

    Testing Prototypes forms an important step towards accomplishing Research based UX Design.

UX Research Retainers

Holistic Design Retainers
Per Month, Annual Pricing
  • A crossfuctional team
  • Senior Point of Contact
  • Starts at 60 Hours / month
  • Annual Pricing with 2 weeks notice
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Dedicated Senior - UX Designer
Per Month, Minimum 3 Months
  • Dedicated Senior Resource (4+ yrs)
  • Relevant UX Research & Design
  • Research Plan & Guidance from Surgyy
  • UX Roadmap & Management
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UX Process Audit
Per Hour, Indicative
  • Evaluation of UX Research Process
  • Balanced UX Scorecard
  • Proposed UX Processes
  • Surgyy Design Talent Proposal
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Looking To Setup A Design Process?

We help tech companies to set-up inhouse UX & Design Process & Vertical and provide OKR or Goal based Design Process Transition Service

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