Top Design Innovation,
Collaboration & Ideation

Ideation Workshops

Immersing in your business with a structured approach, taking step back on ``Why``

Design Concepts

Applying your Strategic Landscape & User needs to your User Journeys.

UX Strategy

We evaluate your current UX practices and provide a long term UX Strategy & Process

Design Partners

Why not continue the holistic Design Approach with a specialized extended team?


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Services Offered

Our Service Offerings with Indicatory Prices

MVP - New Product Design
Per Module or App
  • Remote Ideation Workshop
  • Process & UX Flow
  • UX & UI Design
  • Basic Logo & Brand Pack
  • Design Guidelines
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Redesign - UX Concept
Per Redesign Concept
  • Remote Ideation Workshop
  • Process & UX Flow
  • UX & UI Design - Main Flow
  • Broader Review Support
  • Design Guidelines
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Holistic Design Retainers
Per Month, Annual Pricing
  • Weekly Design Plan
  • UX & UI Design
  • Visual & Graphic Design
  • HTML/CSS Support
  • 60 Hrs/Month (Annual Price)
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Front End Design & Development
Per Month, 4 Months pricing
  • Ideation, UX & UI Design
  • Sprint Management
  • React Development
  • Reviewed & Structured Code
  • Quality Management & Assurance
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Rebranding - Detailed Overhaul
Per Brand
  • Remote Ideation Workshop
  • Brand Brief & Color Psychology
  • Logo & Variations
  • Company Profile Deck
  • Business Cards & Templates
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Product & Design Process Audit
Per Hour, Indicative
  • Evaluation of UX Research Process
  • Balanced UX Scorecard
  • Proposed UX Processes
  • Surgyy Design Talent Proposal
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About Agency

Answering some Questions

Surgyy design is lead by Nasir, who comes with a decade of Technology, Strategy & Creativity. A seasoned Product & UX Strategist, having the hunger to making things simple & effective.

We are a member of Interaction Design Foundation and follow the school of thought led by Don Norman – the author of “Design of Everyday Things”. Usability goes beyond art and touches things horizontally.

We also believe in sticking to basics and first principles; with keen empathy.

Travel & Hospitality, e-Learning, Recruitment, Multi-Industry Software-as-a-Service, Property Management, Finance & Payments, eCommerce, Media Tech, and more.

We are quite open to taking up any challenges on more industries.

Driving a new round of change needs both internal stakeholders and an external Consultant to brainstorm on your current landscape.

We bring some Strategic & Tech wisdom along with UX skills; to solve problems beyond existing norms.

We keep complete confidentiality & privacy, and don’t publish your design materials or share any competitive information. Also we encourage you to be less secretive on your ideas and be more quick in sprinting forward.

Our typical engagement starts with an Ideation Workshop; we then pick a main user journey and create UX & UI of a limited set of screens.

The objective is to have a Visual Prototype that can be tested with the audience. Keeping the screens limited, we can have an iterated UX concept in 2-3 weeks.

Start by setting up a brief solution discussion with Nasir via the link


Essential Design Components
Looking To Setup A Design Process?

We help tech companies to set-up inhouse UX & Design Process & Vertical providing an OKR or
Goal based Design Process Transition

Surgyy Design Strategy