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Ideation Workshops to solve Business Problems with UX

Solving Business Problems often needs a mix of Industry expertise & an external lens to look at problems. Our workshops work across Sectors or Geographies focused at solving Business Problems with Design.

Product Innovation

Immersing in your business a Strategic & fresh perspective to your Product & Industry landscape.

Research & Data

Taking off any biases with Research & Data driven approach. Comparing it with various benchmarks.

Creative Design

The Creative Design lens to solving business problems. We push thinking beyond the usual norms.


We Ideate for Success

We believe that our works can contribute to the success of your Products

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    Even before we get to identifying User Personas. It's essential to establish the usefulness of the product.

  • 02

    Once there's a Useful product. Usability & simplicity provide a Competitive Ground in winning customers.

  • 03

    A Useful & Usable product must also fit well into the entire journey of adopting the product & across it's ecosystem.


We Ideate for Solutions

A sample Ideation screen for a Real Estate platform in the COVID19 phase. What the customer problem statement is? How customers feel.
How we could Reverse their problems and present our solution.

A Non-Confidential Ideation exercise done by Surgyy Design to showcase our Ideation Outcomes.

Ideation Outcomes

New Product—MVP

Creating a Minimum Viable Product or the First version with essential features to solving a Problem.

Redesign for Growth

Solving existing business problems with Design. Preparing the product for further Growth or New Markets.

Digital Transformation

Digitizing Operations, the Brand image & enhancing the Product's technical capabilities. Preparing for 2021.


Industries we have Exchanged Shoes with

In the design process, bringing an external Hat is crucial. However, caution is required in making the right decisions. Before we put on a different set of shoes, taking off our shoes is important. To say removing our existing biases & prejudice.

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Throughout the COVID19 Pandemic the Health & Wellness industry required a revamp & digitization like never before.

Skills Enhancement during and after the pandemic. Challenges and opportunities should be required.

Allowing HR to demonstrate the importance of HR strategies for relieve people’s risk in this (COVID) environment.

Changes and challenges for automakers as upcoming covid situation. Engage with customers and the dealer network (virtual training for sales staff; relevant DIY videos on social media for customers)

Many services are turning contactless, while there are many more that cannot be robotized for now.

Has couple of remarkable changes in money habits brought about by the pandemic.

For some companies, this meant (Covid) reimagining partnership strategies and looking for innovative collaborations—or fusions—beyond industry lines to better address customer needs.

COVID has re-aligned in real estate companies to adopt digital solutions at an unprecedented pace in recent months, with the outbreak appearing to be a catalyst for change.

As the food & beverage sector continues to combat new daily challenges during the global coronavirus pandemic, It continues to follow the necessary guidelines given by government.

The pandemic is changing the way we consume media and entertainment, More digitalization is in power.