The Values we Believe in

  • 01
    Strive to Provide Value

    We believe most important to our lives - is providing value. Be it professionally or to our loved ones.

  • 02
    First Principles

    We believe in First Principles & are often critical of things beyond First principles. Sticking to Basics & figuring out the rest often works.

  • 03
    The Power of “You”

    You have more than you imagine. The difference we can make is merely limited by our assumptions!

  • 04
    Fix today, Improve Tomorrow

    Yeah, it’s the simplest approach to performing. Fix today, improve tomorrow - specific points & steps.

  • 05
    Team Spirit

    Working for the Team & contributing individually. We keep team & project Goals ahead.

  • 06
    Be Good

    Be Good, Do Good & leave the rest. Yes, it’s that simple & easy.

Meet Our
Creative Minds.

Mohammed Jamil Nasir

Founder, Consultant & Designer

Saud Ali

Senior User Experience Designer

Amrita Parmar

Senior Web & Experience Designer

Avinash K.

User Experience Designer II

Mohiniba Jadeja

Senior Front End Developer

Cinderella M D souza

User Experience Designer

Ananya Acharya

Design Content Evangelist

Sameer Ahamed

Front End Developer

Sohail Hatim

User Experience Designer